40 African Nations represented at Moscow Festival

The annual, two-day festival is the Moscows biggest celebration of Africa.

THEMOSCOWTIMES.COM: Africans representing 40 countries are expected to come together for Moscows Afrofest 2014 event,  an annual celebration of the continents food, films, games and dancing, at the Bauman Garden on Saturday and Sunday.

Russians dont know what Africa [culture] is, said Serge Phocas Odunlami, president of the House of Africa organisation that is hosting the festival. He said he hoped that the occasion would serve as a bridge between Russian and African cultures.

One exciting aspect of the festival is a rich programme of master classes that include traditional dance such as the romantic Kizomba and spirited Kuduro, both of which originated in the Southern African country of Angola.

Visitors can try traditional food from many different countries and watch a series of documentaries and films about the continent. Anyone can also take part in the popular African strategy game Awale, one of the oldest of its kind, in which players sit around a board and attempt to capture as many of each others seeds as possible.

Visitors will also be treated to a fashion show with African designers and a performance of traditional songs and dances by the Cac Oshala troupe from the West African country of Benin.

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