Remake of Pharrell Williams Happy in Kigali takes off on You Tube

Over a thousand people and close to a dozen local groups participated in the making of the Rwandan remake of the hugely popular Happy music video by Pharrell Williams.

Kimberly Ross, who directed and produced the video for YouTube release, said,

We consider it more than just a cover of Pharrell Williams’ music video it’s an opportunity to show the world a side of Rwanda that defies the many stereotypes tainted by the country’s tragic history. Its a chance to showcase all the dynamic people and the positive vibes in Kigali today.

We hope that this video can be a catalyst for a broader discussion on the experience of people living in Kigali, as well as on the media’s portrayal of Rwanda and even Africa in general which all too often focuses on negative aspects of the past rather than its vibrant present and promising future.

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