#Twahisemo campaign gains momentum ahead of Atlanta Rwanda Day

Rwandans have made it clear that they have chosen three things twenty years after the genocide, to stay together, be accountable and think big.

Ahead of the Rwanda Day, slated for sept 20th, 2014 there is an ongoing campaign dubbed ‘Twahisemo’- meaning ‘we have chosen’ through which the three messages have been clearly said and sent through social media around the country.

These messages have gone viral with every Rwandan from all walks of life; ranging from opinion leaders, politicians and artists and local citizen describing what these choices mean for them and how they interpret the future of their country.

Through Facebook and twitter, the campaign has called on citizens to Join Rwanda’s journey: 20 year with 3 choices. Staying Together, Being Accountable, and Thinking Big.

Some of the messages selected include; King James, Rwanda popular musician who said “the choice is to be human; while female musician Teta Diane also says that “the choice is to build the country”

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