Rwandan youth encouraged to promote peace online

Rwandas Minister for Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana, has advised young people to promote peace by using todays available technologies. On Tuesday last week he participated in a public YouthConnekt Google+ hangout, discussing the role of youth in peace building. A video of the live broadcast can be viewed below.

YouthConnekt is a social platform in Rwanda that helps participants to share and engage in youthful activities that create positive-forward impact in the economy. Both youth and ICT players or anyone interested in these sectors are encouraged to contribute to the country’s developmental agenda through debates, particularly through their video conferencing hangouts.
Remarking on the potential of youth and the use of technology, Nsengimana said:

There is a very nice meeting between Youth, ICT and Peace because with new technologies like the one we are using right now, we can really promote peace and take peace where peace is not. At least we can carry a message of peace.

Peace building effort has to be a holistic effort; it doesn’t just touch on elements of violence, it also connected with access to basic necessities like food, shelter, security, education; it’s all interconnected, and that’s why any effort thats contribute to uplifting the standard of living of people actually indirectly contributes to peace building.

Jeremy Gilleh, founder of British non-profit organisation Peace One Day, shared during the broadcast:

We need young people to believe particularly that peace is possible and the only way is showing them the vision of peace is coming together with them.

Learn more about YouthConnekt and their upcoming live broadcasts on Google+ and YouTube through their Facebook page.

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